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Enchanted medieval towns

Fabulous and storied medieval towns such as Sesslach, Heldburg, Ummerstadt and Bad Rodach put our guests in a state of “inner calm”. The clocks still go differently here. Stress and time pressure are foreign words in some places. And the beer is often still brewed here! You are therefore able to expierience without hectic.

The ducal Coburg

The pearl of Northern Bavaria is clearly the former Duchy of Coburg (former Duchy of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha) with its own breed of people. Castles, palaces, summer residences, magnificent buildings and facilities – Coburg still shows today what it represented in the times of the duchy.

The connections of the duchy reach far into the royal houses of the world as a result of the ducal marriage policy. Numerous representatives of the European nobility are more or less distant descendants of the Saxon-Coburg and Gotha families.


There are many highlights in our home in “Rodachtal” and in our proximity.

The Duchy of Coburg with its ducal monuments, especially the “Veste Coburg”, one of the largest castles in Germany – also known as the “Fränkische Krone”, Ehrenburg Castle in the heart of Coburg, Callenberg Castle – and many other exciting sights.

Montgolfiade” in nearby Heldburg. Every year in September the hot-air-balloons rise and float motely and silently – through the air. A highlight is the glow of the balloons in the dark.

Samba Festival the largest festival of its kind outside of Brazil. It takes place every year on the 2nd weekend in July in nearby Coburg. Samba groups and dancers from all over the world can be found here. During this time all of Coburg is in a “rhythmic state of exception”.

The Christmas market in Coburg. Always worth a visit during Advent season.