Altmühlaue- introductory offers

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We take this as an opportunity to present a new and different package program to you. We call it “Lebensgefühlor “Lifestyle”. You can book the offer with either 4 or 7 overnight stays. 

To prevent it from getting too boring it contains further highlights and can be extended as you wish. 

Our Bavarian-Franconian “Rodachtalas “4-Thermen-Mittelpunkt”, the nearby ducal residental city Coburg or the idyllic, green Thuringian Forest with the famous “Rennsteig” hiking trail everything you need in terms of nature, culture and relaxation. 

It also includes our indulging half board. You can choose a main course out of different dishes. 

In addition, we offer something that you surely don’t want to miss (see below). 

This flat rate is only available until December 31, 2023. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in the “Altmühlaue”.

Dies alles beinhalten unsere Jubiläumspauschalen.

Unser trendiger Altmühlaue-Porsche Carrera 911 steht für eine traumhafte Ausfahrt bereit durchs Rodachtal und Thüringer Wald für “Ihn” oder vielleicht auch für “Sie”?

Additional information about the offers

General information: If the half board included in the package falls on one of our few days off, we will deduct this from your final invoice with a value of 18 Euro. Indulging half board as dinner including coffee / cake in the afternoon in the café (Wednesday-Saturday). All packages also as gift voucher available. Prices plus visitor’s tax! Weekly flat rates can partly also be booked for shorter stays. All prices apply to double rooms (single room surcharge 12 – 22 Euro per overnight stay). The weekend flat rates can be booked any day and extended as required! Prices apply to the type “Landhaus – Type “Chateau Komfortfor a surcharge of 10 Euro per person and overnight stay.